Garbagecast 44- Chores

In this episode of the Garbagecast Conversations (TM) that I should have gotten to last week, I procrastinated on finishing it is about chores. Upinthisbrain and MMD discuss chores why we do them and what we get out of them. They don't have to be such a chore or even a bore anymore if you just learn to see them differently.





Garbagecast 43 - No ideas / procrastination

In this episode of the Garbagecast Conversations (TM) MMD and Upinthisbrain discuss what to do when you have no ideas to bring to the table and how to overcome the procrastination that results from it.







In this episode of the garbagecast Conversations (TM) MMD and upinthisbrain discuss:


Packages &

Amazon Problems


Jason's Pencil PackageThe X-mas package I sent him:

My ladyfriend's living room

The lastest Chef's plate twitter food post

And my lastest Amazon purchase / lastest addition to my my microphone collection. A multipurpose little mic i had before I even started podcasting

Pineapple Pen

NOTE (02/05/2017) - One of the planned uses of my orange notebook was supposed to be a careful record of the channel and microphone gain settings on my h5n. That way audio misshaps like this one wouldn't happen because I would be keeping an eye on the settings and making note of them plus the room type so I could be more professional and adjust my set up to my environment. Clearly I didn't so we got this overly hot peaky mess. I'm sorry




In this episode of the Garbagecast Conversations we talk about podcasting, our histories and what we want to get out of it.


EDIT/NOTE: From Otaku Generation I heard promos for other podcasts that I of course checked out. In those early days anyone willing/ able to make a promo it was pretty much played unless it really sucked. From there I discovered The Moonmasters podcast which feature a promo for a podcast called Two Men with Foreskin/ Foreskin Radio with Adam Gratrix aka Professor Bestestees. I don't think I made that very clear. It's also how Twinkie Beyond aka Jackie as he along with The Moonmasters were apart of podcasting network called New World Podcasts. Without the NWP with its promos and message boards I would not be listening to Jackie's latest podcast 3 guys walk into a bar another podcast i've been listening to / involved with for the past 10(ish) years. 

if it weren't for this I would never have found the Canadian Unprofessional podcasters and who know how different I would be.




Garbagecast 40 Hats

In this weeks Garbagecast Conversations we talk about hats.

Upinthisbrains hat collection

Grandpa's hat

The hat that started my collection

Here it is being modeled by the lady friend on a trip around Toronto Harbor. My favorite photo of it!
The other hats in my collection together

The newest addition and my x-mas gift 2017

The Hamilton hat



Garbagecast 39 - Walking

In this weeks episode of the Garbagecast Conversations Upinthisbrain and I talk about walking



Garbagecast 38 - Changes

I have 2 episodes this week. APRIL FOOLS!!! wait.... I actually do have another episode of  the podcast so...


In this episode I reflect on the changes that have been going on in my life and the podcast and then talk about how I have decided to quit slack. 




Sorry about the lack of posts last week but i'm trying to catch up. Here is the episode of the Garbagecast Conversations TM that should of been posted last week. This weeks topic is bags

My old bag R.I.P

And introducing Papa's brand new bag



Garbagecast Dumpster Dive 8 - 3 redacted guys podcast

Hey it`s spring break so i`m taking a break from the podcast this week. I have a few things going on including my birthday today so I just couldn`t get an episode together in time for this weeks edition so why not recycle, I mean repost an episode of these Chucklefucks over at who are back from podcasting exile with a new season.


If you like what you`re hearing please go check out their podcast. I`ve been a fan for years and they have been apart of my podcasting circle since I began podcasting.




In this episode of the Garbagecast Conversations Upinthisbrain and MMD discuss coffee.