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Garbagecast 42 - PPAP

In this episode of the garbagecast Conversations (TM) MMD and upinthisbrain discuss:


Packages &

Amazon Problems


Jason's Pencil PackageThe X-mas package I sent him:

My ladyfriend's living room

The lastest Chef's plate twitter food post

And my lastest Amazon purchase / lastest addition to my my microphone collection. A multipurpose little mic i had before I even started podcasting

Pineapple Pen

NOTE (02/05/2017) - One of the planned uses of my orange notebook was supposed to be a careful record of the channel and microphone gain settings on my h5n. That way audio misshaps like this one wouldn't happen because I would be keeping an eye on the settings and making note of them plus the room type so I could be more professional and adjust my set up to my environment. Clearly I didn't so we got this overly hot peaky mess. I'm sorry


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